The Life insurance industry offers not just policies for protection but also include aboard range of financial products covering savings, medical and health care schemes, Our company can present the following products.

Group term insurance.

A method of providing insurance coverage to a group of people have the same features and have a clear identity (In the sense of relationship between the individual members and between the members and the group policy holder). Such as employees working to the same company or members of an association.

This type of insurance covers basically the death benefit where affixed amount is payable in case of death.

Additional of benefits may be added schedules of benefits.

1- Basic Cover
- Term life : Death (natural or accidental)

2- Additional cover
- Accidental Death
- Permanent Total Disability (Accident).
- Permanent Partial Disability ( Accident).
- Temporary Total Disability (Accident).
- Permanent Total Disability (Sickness).
- Permanent Partial Disability (Sickness).
- Medical Expenses (Through accident).

Individual Insurance.

Type of insurance which covers the individual needs such as saving, death duty protection mortgage cover and loan protection.

- Term life : A fixed amount ( sum assured ) is payable to the beneficiary pointed by the insured, in case of death.
- Endowment : Type of insurance which includes saving and protection where the sum assured is payable in case of death or at the end of the insurance period.
- Whole life : Where the priming is payable for limited period while the coverage extended to age 85.
- Father and child/ family insurance : A family income benefit is payable in case of death of the insured in addition to the basic sum assured which is payable at the end of the insurance period.
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