1) Cargo Insurance
Coverage's are available for all legal commodities during transport by all means of conveyances from worldwide to worldwide.

Insurance conditions are in accordance with the international standard clauses as well as special conditions for special risks.

Standard conditions include the most widely accepted clauses called Institute Clauses Namely :
- Institute Cargo Clauses (A ) .
- Institute Cargo Clauses (B ) .
- Institute Cargo Clauses (C ) .
- Institute War Clauses (Cargo).
- Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo).

In addition to the special conditions issued to cover Frozen Cargo as meat, fish and Chicken or Institute Commodities Clauses to cover coffee cocoa, cotton and oils .

Other Cargoes can be insured Subject to special conditions in best Terms tailored to protect the cargo owner within the frame of the Institute Clauses.

Covers are also available to protect the cargo interest from war and strikes risks including War On Land insurance covering the cargo during transport on land from and to any place in the world.

Insurance can be arranged for each shipment on separate declaration as subject to a long term agreement by an Open Policy or a Floating Policy for a specified period and Sum Insured.

2) Haulier Liability
This insurance is designed to cover the legal liability of the transporting company towards the cargo owner.

Transport companies are held liable for any damage or loss that may result to the carried cargo whilst on carriage and in their custody .

Jordan Inland Transport Law holds the carriers liable towards the cargo owner in case of loss or damage to the carried goods.

Cover can be arranged for transport companies who own a fleet of Vehicles within limits appropriate for the intended voyages and values of carried goods .

3) Pleasure Boats :
This insurance covers Loss or damage to boats used for pleasure as well as the liability of Owner towards third parties.

Cover can be split between damage to the boat or only Liability to third parties. Limits of liabilities can be tailored to meet the law requirements .

4) Vessels Hull:
We can arrange the insurances to cover the vessels hull subject to the international standard clauses and protected by the highest rated reinsurers who are professional in this business.

Protection & Indemnity insurance (P&I) can also be arranged with limits as available in the market. .

5) Aviation Insurance :
Our relations with the international market would allow us to write aviation insurance for all types and size.

Jordanian Owners of aircraft may sleep easy in presence of local insurer who can provide them with the required coverages at reasonable rate and best services.

Our Main Clients :
- Royal Jordanian Airlines.
- Agents for Hyundai, KIA, Jacquar, Range Rover, Volvo, Pegeaut, Mazda, Isuzu & Citroen Vehicles.
- Leading Medical and Pharmacist agents.
- Top Transporters.
- Vessel’s Agents.
- Electrical & Electricity Suppliers.
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