1- Fire & Allied Perils Insurance (F&AP)

It is the most popular, widely ranged and the highly demanded insurance type, to cover different types of property (Industrial, commercial and individual interests), against any physical loss or damage to the property resulting from or arising out of any covered perils added to the policy.

2- Property All Risks Insurance (PAR)

This insurance is used for the same purposes of fire and allied perils insurance but for specified kinds of risks. The difference between both types that property all risks policy covers the insured property against accidental physical loss or damage caused by unnamed perils except what clearly excluded in the policy.

3- Comprehensive Households Insurance

From our belief that houses are the most important property and from its importance of being the core of our society, we believe that it should be protected from risks that may shake its stability.

So, we in Jerusalem Insurance are ready to provide householders with the comprehensive cover for their homes building and contents against any physical loss or damage arising out of the perils mentioned in (1) above.
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